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SMARTer Goals: What makes a SMART goal smart?

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff

A goal is a goal, right? Nope. How you set a goal can make or break your perceived success. In general, goals help us validate how effective we have been, they keep us focused, and hopefully push us to be better than we were.

Your goal may be “smart”, that is it shows good judgement by the creator, but is it a SMART goal?

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13 Reasons To Bring Aboard Marketing Talent

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff

This post originally appeared on D'Ana's LinkedIn Pulse feed Marketing, Hiring, and Growth Strategies.

Whether you run a Direct-to-Consumer Company, Business-to-Business Organization or Professional Agency, hiring new employees is a part of growing.

First, congratulations on your upward growth trend, very exciting! But let's face it, expanding your team is a daunting and admittedly time-consuming task for any hiring manager or HR department. So why should you specifically bring a new member to your team in a Marketing role?

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What is Smarketing?

Posted by D'Ana Guiloff

Smarketing.pngSmarketing is the alignment of the Sales and Marketing processes of a business through frequent and direct communication.

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