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Stratsmark helps companies & marketing agencies create a path to success though solid sales & operation plans, including well-oiled marketing machines that do the heavy lifting. With expertise in getting the job done, Stratsmark can work with you to exponentially scale your growth. 

Stratsmark's Services

Whether you need to refine (or define) your Sales efforts, make your Marketing more attractive, find out what makes your customers tick so you can provide great Service, or want to stop beating your head against the wall doing the same manual Operations over and over again, Stratsmark can help.

Enablement isn't just a sales component either.

RevOps (any revenue-generating team) needs the resources (guidance, content, tools) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your company's customer acquisition and ultimately growth.

How Can Stratsmark Help?


Have a vision for your sales team but not sure how to make it a reality?

Let Stratsmark help you find the path to your goals, book a time to chat now.



Looking for a way to fill your pipeline and create an engaging journey for your buyers?

Sounds like you need to book a time with Stratsmark to discuss how to get you to your goals.



Know what makes your customers want to stick around, or worse leave?

Why not schedule a time with Stratsmark to figure it out before it is too late.



Systems and process driving you a little crazy with no forward progress?

Time to let Stratsmark untangle the behind-the-scenes work and get you pointed in the right direction.

At Stratsmark we live by the motto, things can always be better. But to get better, you have to know where you are AND where you want to go.


 A great strategy is built on a well-developed plan. And an amazing plan starts with setting SMART goals for your efforts. 

Need a little help? 


Don't just hope that your strategy will come together because you want it to, MAKE it happen by implementing one you KNOW will.

Want an expert to do it for you? 


Sometimes you just want a little seasoned guidance, other times you need a bit more. Don't let indecision or inexperience stop you from making progress.

Not sure what to do next? 

Satisfied Customers

Melissa Albano Davis | Grapevine Marketing

Agency Client

Melisa Albano Davis, Founder & CEO - Grapevine Marketing

"D'Ana has been an integral part of our team for at least 6 years now, and she is the first person I call for anything HubSpot-related (and then some!). She is a technical whiz and has keen attention to detail; she treats our clients like her own and will dive deep into a question or problem to build the best solution for a specific need or goal.

Whether we're working on a small-scale project for a specific need or a full implementation of CRM, marketing automation, digital marketing strategy and performance measurement, I can count on D'Ana to consider all angles (including budget constraints) and work with myself and our team to build a solution that will enhance our client's experience well into the future.

Working with D'Ana has been a great experience and we'll continue to collaborate for the long term."

Shane Lantz

Direct Business Client

Shane Lantz, Sales & Service Professional

"D'Ana's marketing acumen combined with her HubSpot skill set delivered the exact results I needed!!!! D'Ana was contracted to deliver a unique customer outreach tool that would ensure CES engaged their customer based at pre-determined relationship milestones.

Additionally, the platform was to be automated to alleviate the need for additional headcount within the company. Through a methodical and diligent process, D'Ana delivered the tool using HubSpot as the operational platform.

I had spoke with other HubSpot operators about the project, none could come close in matching the deliverable D'Ana produced. Given the chance, I would contract D'Ana again for my marketing and customer outreach needs."

Nicole Jackson | Solid Support Strategy

Professional Colleague

Nicole Jackson, Founder - Solid Support Strategy

Karine Vosberg

Direct Business Client

Karine Vosberg, Client Relationship Director

"D'Ana has been instrumental in putting our marketing efforts into play. She has helped with everything from creating a new website to promoting special events.

D'Ana will bring a sound, knowledgeable approach that keeps your marketing efforts cohesive and in front of the right audience."

Mandy McEwen | Mod Girl Marketing

Agency Client

Mandy McEwen, Founder & CEO - Mod Girl Marketing

"D’Ana is rare gem and I am grateful to have her on the Mod Girl® team. From day one, she’s been a leading force in our company’s organizational changes and growth initiatives. Not only is D’Ana an exceptional marketer, operations manager and leader, but her positive outlook and easy-going vibe make her a pleasure to work with.

I can always count on D’Ana for honest feedback, solid recommendations, creative ideas, and continual optimization of business systems.

Mod Girl’s future is bright and I’m thankful to have such a solid, talented team of marketers, such as D’Ana, by my side."

Allison Larsson

Professional Colleague

Allison Larson, Manager

"D'Ana is probably the most organized person I've ever known! She made me look good. She kept me on track.

D'Ana's marketing experience is very well-rounded. She can jump into any project and immediately make it her own. She is not only a great team-player, but she knows what has to be done and is more than capable of making it happen on her own. Smart and resourceful, D'Ana will get results.

It has been my pleasure to work with her and to be able to get to know her over the past few years. I have had the opportunity to work with her at two different companies in two completely different roles, and she excelled at both."

Allison Fisher | Mod Girl Marketing

Agency Client

Allison Fisher, Specialist - Mod Girl Marketing

"Working with D'Ana at Mod Girl has been a delight. She's sharp as a tack and knows how to get stuff done. D'Ana is the type of person who will help pick up the slack time and time again to make sure the job gets done. She has been instrumental in helping to get key projects out the door and has impeccable attention to detail and strategic oversight.

D'Ana is definitely a valuable asset you want on your team!"

Dario Passadore | Instructional Empowerment

Direct Business Client

Dario Passadore, Director of Marketing - Instructional Empowerment

"My team hired D'Ana to switch from Pardot to HubSpot and we couldn't be happier. Her leadership, program management, technical and customer service skills made what we expected to be a long, complex process a piece of cake.

I have worked with HubSpot tech support and consultants in the past and they don't come even close to D'Ana's knowledge of the platform.

Moreover, she's able to provide both strategic and tactical marketing advice on how to optimize the tool and various campaigns based on her extensive experience in the field. I definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking for any type of support with HubSpot or even general marketing strategy."

Barbara Rutkowski | North Bennet Street School

Agency Client's Client

Barbara Rutkowski, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications - North Bennet Street School

"D'Ana is our go-to consultant expert for all things Hubspot - or anything that connects to Hubspot. She has deep knowledge through their full resources, and she's been invaluable to lean on when creating new processes and campaigns. She helps us envision what is possible and how to effectively plan and launch from there.

She also is doggedly persistent when any glitch or issue arises, always helping us get to the bottom of any problems we run into.

Our systems would not run as smoothly without D'Ana, and we've been able to use Hubspot to a much fuller potential than we would alone. Thanks, D'Ana!"

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